The Weekend Edit: 5th January

Weekend Edits: 5th January by business consultant and former CEO, Denyse Whillier | Built To Succeed

Every weekend, I love to spend an hour or so catching up on articles and sites I've bookmarked. This is the time I allow myself to get lost in the internet. I enjoy clicking through the various links, discovering writers and blogs I've not heard of before. And having the time to read more in-depth articles which help us to make sense of the world we're living in.

To help you along with your own weekend reading I’m starting a new series – The Weekend Edit – to share some of the links I've been reading. You may enjoy a pastry and coffee to accompany your reading, or a platter of fresh fruit. Whatever self-care ritual works for you.

Here's a selection of the articles I've been reading this week:

  • The Guardian's, Jonathan Freedland, must be a mind reader. Last week, I'd been lamenting the state of the opposition in the UK while having a bad case of opposition envy as I watched Nancy Pelosi be re-elected Speaker of the House, surrounded by a bench of talent of such diversity and plurality. In this article, Democrats Are Battling Trump. But On Brexit, Labour Are Tongue-Tied, Jonathan Freedland articulates what I've been thinking.

  • Understanding the complexities and implications of Brexit is no mean feat. Which is why I read Chris Grey's Brexit Blog. Chris is a Professor of Organization Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London, and was previously a Professor at Cambridge University and Warwick University. In this first article of the New Year, Chris explains how Brexit is a failure of economic and geopolitical strategy.

  • I saw the question of whether the press should report the fashion worn at the start of the 116th Congress asked multiple times. Was this sexist? My own take is that fashion communicated a visual story about the day’s place in the country’s ongoing narrative on diversity and inclusion, and the different ways in which these newly sworn-in congresswomen define their roles and themselves. For Nancy Pelosi and the new women in Congress, fashion was a defiant statement of purpose and resistance. From Nancy Pelosi's fuschia pink dress to Debra Haaland's Native American artistry to Rashida Tlaibe's Palestinian thobe, to Barbara Lee's kente cloth stole, to Ilhan Omar's hijab and Kyrsten Sinema's skintight pencil skirt with a fur stole, I loved how fashion articlulated this statement of intent.

  • Between Christmas and New Year, I love to take a couple of days to reflect on the old year and welcome in the new. Each year I like to mix it up a little. I loved this downloadable calendar which Monica Beatrice of The Elgin Avenue has put together, A Month Of Positive Action, which lists a series of simple and uplifting actions you can take to get 2019 off to the best of starts.

  • I'm really interested in how what we eat affects our energy levels, and I love cooking. On Friday, I bought a bag of tumeric roots with the idea that I would make turmeric latte. While researching recipes and health benefits, I came across this article on the HeavenLynn Healthy blog. Lynn's recipe is lovely and I've decided to make a cup of 'golden milk' part of my evening routine. Better still I discovered lots of healthy and delicious recipes on Lynn's blog that I can cook from scratch.

I hope you enjoy this first edition of The Weekend Edit! Let me know if there are any articles you've read lately, or sites you check in to regularly, that you recommend I check out too!

Have a great weekend. And happy reading.

Question: Which blogs and sites do you check in to regularly and think might be of interest to purpose-led business owners? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to tell me in the comments box below.


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