The Neptune Home Spring-Summer 2019 Marketing Campaign

The Neptune Home Spring-Summer 2019 Marketing Campaign

Last year, I wrote a 3-part series about how to build a business like the British  lifestyle brand, Neptune Home. (See below for links to that series). My intention was to show you how it’s possible to start with just one product, in Neptune Home’s case a hammock, and go on to grow and scale a wildly successful business.

With the recent launch of its Spring-Summer 2019 marketing campaign, I thought it would be interesting to analyse how Neptune Home has approached this.

My hope is this article will inspire you to create a Spring-Summer marketing campaign which boosts sales, builds that all important brand loyalty and helps you to take your business to the next level.

Here are 4 easy to action ideas, drawn from Neptune Home’s Spring-Summer 2019 marketing campaign.


Every Neptune Home campaign starts with a seasonal story which is used for inspiration and guidance. The Spring-Summer 2019 theme is gathering. Perhaps associated more with special occasions like Christmas, the Neptune Home thought about all the different things that the concept of gathering can mean. From gathering people in the home to how to gather things, like furniture arrangements, colour palettes and ideas for how to decorate.

What I love about the theme of gathering is the feeling of warmth it evokes: a sense of pulling close everything and everyone that you love the most. But I also love how this simple concept opens up so many creative directions for content. (See below for some examples).

=> Could you create a story around your SS 2019 marketing campaign?

The Neptune Home Spring-Summer 2019 Marketing Campaign


Every season, Neptune Home adds a seasonal colour to its ranges, in this case Flax Blue which can work both as a calming neutral for walls, cabinetry and soft furnishings, and as way of enhancing the beauty of natural wood. This Flax Blue works in upstairs spaces because it’s calming, and in downstairs rooms because it’s not cold like some blues can be.

The inspiration for Flax Blue came from a design trip to Belgium where the company’s linens are grown and made. The team spotted fields of flax with their pretty, pale blue, slightly dusky petals. Flax only blooms for one day a year so we were really lucky to have seen the flowers!

Check the company’s Instagram feed, and you’ll noticed how Neptune has segued from dark greys to flax blues across its photography.

=> Does your brand lend itself to a seasonal colour palette? Could you use this across your imagery to showcase your SS theme?


We’ve looked at how Neptune has incorporated Flax Blue into its paints, fabrics and soft furnishing: a relatively simple product extension. The company has also opted for a bolder product extension by designing a contemporary but classic dresser and sideboard, Holborn, to add to its collection of indoor furniture.

In this instance, the Holborn dresser and sideboard are not seasonal products. Rather, they’ve been designed with the future in mind, with the intention of growing Holborn as a collection.

=> How could you extend a popular, current product range? Could you create a simple limited-edition product for SS2019?

The Neptune Home Spring-Summer 2019 Marketing Campaign


Neptune always creates a range of seasonal content for its journal (blog), Stories (magazine) and social media channels. From articles with garden hosting tips, to creating a moodboard and recipes for a light summer’s supper, Neptune reinforces its Spring-Summer theme of gathering in a multiplicity of creative ways. Head over to Instagram and you’ll notice how the theme of gathering is picked up over and over again in the imagery.

This helps to reinforce Neptune’s overall brand message. That its purpose is to bring together people in a thoughtfully curated home to create happy, special memories.

=> What seasonal content could you create across your key channels to reinforce your SS2019 campaign theme?

Reading this article too late for a Spring-Summer 2019 marketing campaign? Take these ideas and use them to develop your Autumn-Winter 2019 seasonal campaign.

The Neptune Home Spring-Summer 2019 Marketing Campaign


Which articles, videos and podcasts have caught your eye this week? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share let me know in the comments box below.


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