The Weekend Edit: 1st June, 2019

The Weekend Edit: 1st June, 2019

Happy Saturday! I hope you’ve you had a great week? My business consulting work has been keeping me busy, but I found time to attend two events. The first was an evening with the indomitable Mary Portas as part of her Work Like A Woman tour. The second, a behind the scenes tour of the iconic Grand Hotel organised by the Brighton Chamber of Commerce. Look out for articles about both events.

Last week, Mary Portas launched her new podcast, Work Like a Woman, to complement her successful book of the same title. It’s terrific. Funny, sassy and direct, just like Mary. Her book and subsequent podcast were born out of her workplace experiences and a desire to change the culture of her own company. The book is a “manifesto for change,” full of advice and tips on how to embrace soft skills in the workforce and move away from the dominant alpha culture that permeates offices. 

Talking of toxic alpha culture, Philip Green has been charged with four counts of misdemeanour assault in the US. The case will return to court later this month. Trump has backed Boris Johnson for Prime Minister. While Hannah Jane Parkinson has compiled a round-up of the candidates for the Tory leadership contest, and our next Prime Minister. Deep sigh.

Moving swiftly on…

It now seems an age since the results of the EU elections were announced. One key message, from the impressive showing by the Green Party in the European and local elections, is that voters are now ready for decisive action on climate change.

In the wake of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s statement this week, ( summed up as “read the damn report”) the always excellent Jonathan Freedland has written about why, despite politics be broken, it’s only politics that can save us. As Freedland says:

“Implementing the people’s will is rarely as simple as it sounds, especially when the people are divided down the middle, as Britons are on Brexit and as Americans are on impeachment. A referendum in a parliamentary system has paralysed politics in Britain; a rule-breaking, corrupt president loyally supported by his party has paralysed politics in the US.

There is no lawyer or judge who can get us out of this mess, however appealing that fantasy might be. We cannot escape the public square for the courtroom. In a democracy, there is only one jury that can settle these political battles – and that jury is ourselves.”

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has written an Op-Ed for the Guardian about Nigel Farage is setting the terms on which the Tories will choose their next leader. This section cuts to the chase about their agenda:

“A recent video featured him (Farage) and Trump cheerleader Steve Bannon discussing, apparently with no hint of irony, a worldwide campaign against globalisation, to be waged through foreign funding of nativist movements. Their plan is to destroy any institutions with the words “European” and “global” in their name.” 

Thankfully summer cocktail season has arrived. Apparently the only cocktail recipe you’ll need this summer is an Aperol Spritz. Make mine a large one!

And the most anticipated comedies of the summer have all been written and directed by women – and feature diverse casts. I’m looking forward to watching Late Night when it comes out next weekend!

In light of my recent article about omnichannel marketing, I was fascinated to read why there’s more to Primark’s success than you might have thought.

Rounding up this Weekend Edit with an interview with one of my favourite writers, Elizabeth Gilbert, who spoke to The Cut, this week, about grief, meditation and her writing process. I love her dancing routine but I’m not so sure about getting up at 4.30am to start writing! And this article about how New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, is putting dignity, care, wellbeing, kindness and human decency at the heart of society and business.

I really, really do believe that the future of being successful in work is going to be about embracing all of those wonderful things women bring - empathy, collaboration, flexibility - all those wonderful feminine traits we’ve suppressed for too long.
— Mary Portas
The Weekend Edit: 1st June, 2019


Which articles, videos and podcasts have caught your eye this week and may be of interest to other purpose led business owners? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share let me know in the comments box below.


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