New Photography By Elizabeth Ruby To Elevate My Brand

New Photography By Elizabeth Ruby To Elevate My Brand

Over the past few months, I’ve moved my website from Wordpress to Squarespace and this lovely magazine style template. And I’ve reinvigorated my love of writing content for this blog after a spell in the creative doldrums and a loss of confidence over whether this style of long form content is still relevant. It is. But I’ve held back from sharing the content I’ve painstakingly written because it was still missing something. The right photography.

Photography is a huge part of how we communicate these days. Images command a large proportion of the real estate on our website and are of huge importance when it comes to standing out on visual social media channels like Instagram. Which is why I spent hours trying to select photographs from my stock image library that reflects the visual style I wanted for my brand.

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.
— Destin Sparks

I knew how I wanted the photography to look and feel. But while I love looking at art and photography (I studied art history while at university in France) my own skills in this area are distinctly limited. Then I stumbled across two bloggers who each commission photography to create a strong and distinctive style on their websites.  The Elgin Avenue and The Online Stylist.

While Monica and Amanda each have very different brand styles, I noticed that more often than not they use the same photographer, Charlotte Bryer-Ash. I love Charlotte’s light, natural, heart-warming photographic style but sadly she lives too far from me to make such a collaboration work.

Meanwhile I’d been impressed by the work of local photographer, Elizabeth Ruby, who has a similarly natural and heart-warming photographic style to Charlotte and came with a strong recommendation from one of my clients. Elizabeth’s work has a more organic feel and her work often contains a pop of the unexpected to add a touch of curiosity, a feature I especially love.

I got in touch with Elizabeth and we did a trial together to make sure the collaboration would work for both of us. It does! I turn up once a month with a bag of goodies for Elizabeth to shoot in the full knowledge that she would love to have many of these items herself. Elzabeth solemnly promises to return these to me and not dip into the Moroccan Spa products from The White Company I’ve bought especially for the shoot - and plan to use later myself! Liz plays around and styles my props for the shoot. And each month I receive a collection of dreamy photographs in the exact vibrant and pretty style I have in my mind’s eye for my brand’s creative style.

Below is a selection of photographs from Elizabeth’s collection for my brand. The photograph at the top of this article includes a few of my favourite things.

New Photography By Elizabeth Ruby To Elevate My Brand
New Photography By Elizabeth Ruby To Elevate My Brand
New Photography By Elizabeth Ruby To Elevate My Brand


What do you do about photography for your brand? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share let me know in the comments box below.


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