The Weekend Edit: 8th June, 2019

The Weekend Edit: 8th June, 2019

Happy Saturday! I hope this month has got off to a great start? As ever, my business consulting practice is keeping me busy, not least because I’ve been working on a mini reorganisation for one client’s business. Last weekend, I visited Leonardslee Gardens in Lower Beeding which has reopened after one of the biggest restoration projects in the UK. It is stunning, and if you’re ever in Sussex, well worth a visit.

Let’s kick off with some good news! As a committed bookworm, I’m thrilled that the number of independent book shops in the UK is growing, after years of decline. Here’s how they’re setting themselves apart from Amazon.

I was interested to read that shops that minimise the environmental impact of our consumer habits are springing up across Britain. Meanwhile Waitrose is starting a trial at their Oxford store aimed at reducing packaging. Plastic is to be removed from flowers and plants and more fruit and vegetables will be available loose. Customers will be able to use their own containers to buy and refill produce such as pasta, rice and cereals.

Here in the UK, we’ve moved on swiftly from the UK European Election results, preoccupied as we are with the Tory leadership elections. I think Chris Grey has nailed what these results tell us about the broad sub-themes that will influence what happens here in the UK over the coming months in his Brexit Blog.

With Theresa May formally resigning as leader of the Conservative party, the Guardian has an apposite political obituary in five telling charts. While Gaby Hinsliff has written a no holds bar opinion piece about how a battle for the soul of our democracy has begun following May’s exit. This same battle is playing out in America and I’m deeply concerned about the trumpification of our politics, with Britain’s Tories going the way of America’s GOP. Not least with a mendacious braggadocio the favourite to win the Conservative leadership contest. As Philip Stephens so aptly says:

“To my mind, this is how liberal democracy eventually dies. Throw away shared values, truth and a modicum of mutual respect and the architecture of a free, open society comes crashing down. There have always been snake-oil salesmen such as Trump and Johnson. The danger comes when the rest of us simply shrug our shoulders.” 

The Danish television series, Borgen, is a particular favourite of mine with its portrayal of political intrigues and coalition intricacies in and around Copenhagen’s Christiansborg parliament. With the Social Democrats’ electoral victory on Wednesday, it’s reassuring to learn that the centre left is on the rise with the Danes following the Nordic trend away from populism.

Borgen’s Brigitte Nyborg may be a fictional character, but Elle has put together a list of 27 standout women who are leading the charge to protect our environment and our future. Elle also has an excellent feature on what fashion is doing about conservation. While leaders in the advertising industry have signed a letter pledging to tackle the climate crisis in advance of a summit later this month which will address practical ways to reduce global warming.

Wrapping this week’s edition of The Weekend Edit up with this episode from How To Own The Room. In it, comedian and radio and TV presenter Viv Groskop talks to inspirational women about the secrets of brilliant speaking: the latest episode features beauty entrepreneur, Trinny Woodall. You can find my series from last year about the launch of her makeup brand, Trinny London here.

Democracy is the worst form of government, except all others that have been tried.
— Winston Churchill


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