Monthly Business Review: February 2016

Each month, I like to take you behind the scenes and write a business review to give you an opportunity to know me better.

Monthly Business Review

Typically I cover the following topics:

  • How I’m getting on hitting my monthly and longer term goals;
  • The challenges I’ve experienced and the lessons I’ve learnt;
  • Great resources I’ve come across that you may enjoy too;
  • Unexpected wins and/ or other insights that may be of value to you;
  • My plans for the upcoming month.

Here are the key highlights from February business review.

An Unexpected Opportunity

I jumped at the opportunity to take on a consultancy project which came up unexpectedly at the start of February – a business turnaround project. Business consultancy is not a service that I’ve particularly promoted before. But this project was exciting because it involved conducting a business review, putting together a turnaround plan and then implementing my list of recommendations.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

I loved this piece work! It’s allowed me to utilise my experiences as a CEO in a very practical hands on way, and get stuck into all aspects of running the business. From getting the financials under control, to help the owner deal with some tricky HR issues to putting together a marketing plan that gets his existing customers buying more and brings in new business. Going forward, I've decided to take on one new business consultancy project every quarter.

If you’d like to talk to me about a business consultancy project, CLICK HERE for further information.

The Winners Enclosure™

Wow, the members of the mastermind group I’m co-leading with Emma D’Arcy and Christina Jones have got their heads down and taken such focused action! They were all very quiet for a week or so which had us a little worried. They’re a lively bunch normally. During our monthly Q&A call, we learnt that they’d been busy either on-boarding new customers or managing a major project such as a website migration. With the foundations they’re setting and the results they’ve achieved in a short space of time, we’re so excited to see what happens as the year progresses.

And to cap a great first month in The Winners Enclosure™, working with my two #BBFs, Emma D'Arcy and Christina Jones has been an enormous amount of fun.


My website was brought down by a malware attack whilst my hosting company was doing a server upgrade. This affected my email account (I was blacklisted by Google for a few days) and meant that nobody could view my website for nearly two weeks. Grrr! To make matters worse, it seems that my website wasn’t backed up. So to get it back up and running, my host company restored my website to a version that was at least 5 months old. I had spent a number of days last autumn updating the content on my website, and creating lots of links between my posts. All gone! So now I’ve got to go through the content on my website to put it back as it should be. Let's just say I was not best pleased!

Key learning. Make sure your hosting company backs up your website on a regular basis – ideally daily!

Great Resources

I am loving Social Quant!

One of my goals for 2016 was to substantially increase my Twitter following from around 2,200 at the start of the year to 10,000 by 31st December. The only trouble was I didn’t have the time to action the ‘follow, unfollow’ strategy required to get these kind of results.

Enter Social Quant. Social Quant increases the size and quality of your Twitter account rapidly with relevant followers. (A larger quality Twitter following will engage more with you, retweet you, click on your links and ultimately do more business with you). Social Quant works in a similar way to a skilled social media specialist. Except Social Quant does it faster, better, at a lower cost and at a much larger scale. At $25 a month, it’s a steal!

Six weeks in and my Twitter following currently stands at 5,328 followers! By the end of 2016, I estimate I’ll have around 50,000 highly targeted followers.

To find out more about Social Quant, check out their article, ‘The No Nonsense Guide To Getting More Twitter Followers’.

Next Month

I’ve made a lot of headway on my own content marketing strategy, and the type of lead magnets I want to feature on my site. I’ve a beautiful new Daily Action Planner in production. And I’ll be launching it in the next few days.

My other big project is to get my website as I want it, create individual landing pages for each of my services and write case studies to showcase the work that I do with my clients and the results they get in their business.

Which reminds me! Paul Sullivan of Modedaweb, a digital marketing agency specialising in the #Fintech industry, asked me to write an article on the benefits of business coaching for his new Inbound Marketing Academy. Paul and I worked together last year. Thanks to his passion and drive, his business has taken off like a rocket! You can check it my article on the 9 benefits of business coaching HERE.

Join the Conversation

Question: How was your February? Did you make the progress you intended on your goals? I love hearing from you. Please let me know in the comments box below.

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