This year, Halloween retail spending is projected to hit $9.1 billion. That's 179 million people celebrating, and an average spend of $86.13. These 15 Halloween marketing ideas will help you to create a surge in sales. 15 HALLOWEEN MARKETING IDEAS TO BOOST YOUR SALES

The latest research shows the 31 October tradition has also found a place in the hearts of UK families, seemingly eclipsing the traditional British Bonfire Night held five days later. In fact, Halloween is the UK’s second-biggest party night after New Year’s Eve.

One reason Halloween has become so popular is it’s a very affordable holiday. It doesn't cost as much as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but it’s huge fun. Part of the reason for its increasing popularity is a permanent shift to thrift which started during the Great Recession. Shoppers are willing to spend money if they feel they’re getting value. Halloween delivers this.

We're in prime Halloween shopping time right now: 41% of consumers started their Halloween shopping during the first two weeks of October, while 25% wait until the last two weeks of the month. More than one-third of shoppers began their shopping in September.

Below are 15 Halloween marketing ideas to boost your sales this month.

1. Give Away Branded Treats

Trick-or-treating is one of the most popular Halloween traditions. Your business could take part by giving away branded sweets or other goodies. You could even get wrappers or small tokens printed with your logo.

2. Reverse Trick-or-Treat

You don’t have to just hand out sweets. In the run up to Halloween, you could visit other local businesses in the area and offer them your branded treats to hand out or offer at their reception area or checkout, and perhaps offer to do likewise.

3. Add Halloween Elements To Your Branding

One of the simplest ways to get in on the Halloween fun is to just incorporate popular Halloween symbols into your branding, including your website and social media headers. This will show customers you’re in the Halloween spirit.

Your logo should always be a recognisable symbol that represents your brand. But during the days and weeks leading up to Halloween, you could add some festive flair to your logo with the addition of elements like pumpkins, bats, witches hats or other popular Halloween images. Google for example creates specialty logos for many different holidays, including Halloween.

4. Decorate Your Shop, Restaurant, Café or Stall

Never underestimate the power of festive decorations. If you’ve a shop, restaurant, café, stall or other business that people can physically visit, add some spooky or autumn themed touches. These will attract customers and show off your products in a fun new way.

5. Introduce Halloween and Autumn Flavours To Your Menu

Any business that sells food or drink, from restaurants to cafes and bars to gin distilleries, can offer seasonal flavours as part of their menu. Autumn flavours like apple ,cinnamon and pumpkin are especially popular around Halloween. You could create cocktails such as Halloween Queen Punch or Sleepy Hollow. Or serve this tasty Pumpkin & Tomato Gratin dish or these yummy Pulled Pork & Pumpkin Pies.

6. Send A Newsletter With A Halloween Theme

Use your email newsletter to show off you’re in the Halloween spirit. Let customers know about any Halloween promotions you’re hosting and include an exclusive coupon code or discount offer to encourage them to buy products or visit your business in the run up to Halloween.

7. Write A Halloween Inspired Article For Your Website

Just like I’m doing in this article, write a Halloween inspired article for your website. For example, if your target market is restaurants, cafes and/ or bars, you could send your customers a list of ideas for Halloween inspired cocktails together with some relevant product recommendations.

For bonus points, send your article to your email list, and syndicate on social media.

8. Give A Much Loved Product A Halloween Makeover

Could you give a popular product a spooky restyling? High street retailer, Marks and Spencer has done just this with by transforming their Colin The Caterpillar cake with a Dracula inspired makeover to create Count Colin.

9. Create Halloween Themed Product Bundles

Do you have a selection of products that lend themselves to a Halloween theme which you could group together and offer at a discounted rate? For example, the nail polish company China Glaze is offering groupings of nail polish with Halloween themed names and colours under the banner ‘Ghouls Night Out.’

10. Host A Costume, Food or Pumpkin Carving Competition

People, especially children, like to get creative by making their own costumes, decorating pumpkins, creating spooky looking food and even dressing up their pets. You could hold your competition in person to bring people to your location. Or if you’re an online business, you could have customers submit photos of their creations online or via social media.

Bonus points if you could run a competition that actually features any of your products.

11. Host a Halloween Contest on Facebook or Instagram

Social media offers so many opportunities for your business to use Halloween as an excuse to engage your customers. You could host a contest on Facebook or Instagram where you encourage your customers to submit photos of costumes, decorated pumpkins or other Halloween themed items. And offer a free gift or discount code to the winners to encourage even more entries. This increases the likelihood they’ll actually shop with you over the Halloween season.

Or you could do like my friend Mark Cropley of Whitebox UK, and make a spooky video for Facebook to grab people’s attention.

12. Create A Halloween Inspired Pinterest Board

With 17.9% of customers searching for Halloween ideas on Pinterest, you’re missing a trick if you don’t create a Halloween inspired Pinterest board. In fact, you’d be surprised just how few businesses, including leading retailers create Halloween inspired boards.

Check out my Halloween inspired Pinterest board HERE.

13. Use A Halloween Hashtag

See if you can come up with a hashtag that connects with Halloween and your brand. You can use it to keep track of social content that followers want to share with you. China Glaze is using the very simple hashtag #Halloweennails. Again you’d be surprised just how few leading retailers are using Halloween related hashtags.

14. Team Up with Other Local Businesses for Special Events

Lots of town centres and communities host special Halloween celebrations for families and local residents. Take advantage of these events by offering sales or special promotions, and making sure you have the very best decorations and costumes in the neighbourhood.

If your city doesn’t already offer an event like this, consider teaming up with other businesses in the area and starting one next year.

15. Throw a Party

A party is a great incentive for customers to visit your business. This gives customers the opportunity to have fun, enjoy your spooky décor and themed food or drink while offering a sale or other promotion.

Whether you’re a service or product based business, a retailer or an e-commerce business, these Halloween marketing ideas will add some fun in the run up to 31 October.

Question: What are your favourite Halloween marketing ideas? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share let me know in the comments box below.

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