September 22nd marked the official start of Autumn; the natural world is definitely changing with crisper air, the tinting of the trees and ripening of autumn fruits. The new Autumn sales campaigns have enticed me to splurge on new workwear. How To Run An Autumn Campaign Like The White Company

For some businesses, the slow pace of summer meant low sales in July and August; and even a summer slump. This means making higher sales in the fourth quarter of the year to offset the losses. In fact, for many businesses, the fourth quarter of the year is the most important time of year. The National Retail Federation reports many small and medium-sized retail businesses do between 20 and 40% of their annual sales in the last two months of the year.

Which explains why, after the more languid pace of Summer, Autumn runs at quite a speed. Outdoors, colours are bold and intense with shades of red, copper, gold and yellow; before leaves flutter all too quickly to the ground, leaving a starker, more barren landscape. While in the business world we’re rushing to finish the year strong with a solid Autumn sales campaign.

This year, I’m taking inspiration from The White Company to generate sales and marketing ideas for my own business, as well as those of my clients. Here are five ideas from their 2017 Autumn sales campaign to inspire you.

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1. Offer Signature and Limited Edition Products

Every year, The White Company announces the season with its Autumn candle, a fragrance of fruity notes of pear, quince and apricot blended with musk and amber. But The White Company doesn’t just launch the same old candle year after year. Each year, the company also launches a limited edition range to add a new twist to their product range to entice existing customers and pique the interest of new shoppers. This year, they’ve launched the ‘Wild Rhubarb’ range, inspired by crisp walks and simple, seasonal pleasures.

=> Could you create a signature Autumn classic product, and supplement this with a limited edition range of products which you only sell in the Autumn?

2. Dressing Your ‘Shop Front’

The White Company uses its shop fronts to create displays that evoke the feeling of Autumn, showcase their latest products and invite customers to “relax into the season.” The new shop fronts are created to coincide with the online and offline launch of their new collections; and designed to be enticing.

=> Could you use your ‘shop front’ to create an enticing seasonal display? If you don’t have a literal ‘shop front,’ how about bringing an Autumn focus to your website header and social media banners?

3. Create Seasonal Content For Your Blog

The White Company uses its blog to start conversations about autumnal activities, whether that’s ideas for farmhouse retreats to showcase their weekend capsule wardrobe, to explain how to Autumn-proof your skincare regime using their brilliant advanced skincare range or share a list of the best UK farms to launch its new Down on the Farm themed children’s collection.

=> What seasonal content could you create for your blog that you could use to promote your products and encourage Autumn sales?

4. Host An Instagram Takeover

This weekend, The White Company arranged for the renowned food photographer, Kristin Perrers, to take over their Instagram account and share how she typically spends an Autumn Sunday. Instagram takeovers are a brilliant way for brands, individuals and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content. You get someone who can bring value to your followers while your guest gets to reach a new audience with their content. It most cases, it’s a win-win situation.

=> Could you arrange an Instagram takeover of your own account?

5. Run A Competition

This month, The White Company is running a competition, asking its customers to share how wear their Autumn style using the hashtag #thewhiteco. The prize is £1,100 of clothes. For a modest investment (in The White Company terms) customers will share their wardrobe to their followers, effectively acting as brand advocates. (Brand advocacy is an important behaviour we really want to encourage in our customers).

=> Could you run a competition on social media and invite your customers to showcase how they use your products to their family, friends and followers?

These are just five easy to replicate ideas from The White Company’s 2017 Autumn sales campaign. I hope they’ll help you to freshen up your marketing, and give your sales a boost in the fourth quarter of the year.

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