I’m hosting my first free weekly Facebook Live Show on Wednesday, 20th September at 7:00 pm GMT. To kick off the show off, I'll be talking about my own business journey and some of the mistakes I made along the way. And more importantly how you can avoid these. Why I'm Launching A Weekly Facebook Live Show

Then I’ll throw the floor open to you. I want to hear your questions. What would you like answered? Can’t make it but have a burning question? Either ask me in the comments box below, or message me via my Facebook page. I'll pick a selection for the evening.

So why am I adding a Facebook Live Show to my already busy content schedule? After all, I write a twice weekly blog, email my newsletter subscribers twice weekly and publish on LinkedIn. Then there's filming videos for my YouTube channel and the podcast show I'm launching. Surely that's enough content for any business? Especially in this world of 'content shock,' as Mark Schaefer calls it. And more's to the point, don't I have something better to do on a Wednesday evening?

As it happens, I keep Wednesday evening free because I have to be up bright eyed and bushy tailed for an early morning breakfast meeting every Thursday. It's the only evening I can guarantee to 'show up' in my already busy schedule. One of my biggest reservations about using Facebook Live was the platform itself. We've all heard the hype about how Facebook prefers (its own) video content. Equally we all know how hard it is to get organic reach through our business pages. I wasn't convinced that adding a weekly Facebook Live Show was worth the time and effort involved. Here's why.

Back in 2011, the average brand could expect 26 percent organic reach on content posted on Facebook. Today that number is below 1 percent. Why? We're simply publishing too much stuff. If Facebook didn't cut our content down to create a manageable news stream, the average person would be exposed to more than 1,500 stories a day on the platform. That’s Content Shock with capital letters.

I weighed this up with the views of Michael Hyatt who knows a thing or two about building a powerful platform. He's an authority in this area. And I decided that I would launch a weekly Facebook Live Show because:

  • I'm a former CEO with 8 years experience in the trenches so I reckon I have far more of value to say about business than the vast majority of my competitors. I'm not giving over the platform to them, even though it's hard to get your content seen.
  • When you show up live, you can't fake it. It's just you, the camera and your audience. This helps to build 'know, like and trust.'
  • Facebook is the best medium to reach my target audience.

I would love for you to join me  on Wednesday, 20th September at 7:00 pm GMT. (Or catch the replay if this time doesn't work for you).  Either ask me your question in the comments box below, or message me via my Facebook page.

I'm excited to  to discover what questions you would like answered.

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Question: Do you have a burning business question you'd love me to answer? If so, please do take a moment to let me know in the comments box below.

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