Neptune Home's AW 2018 Marketing Campaign

Neptune Home's AW 2018 Marketing Campaign

Earlier in the year, I wrote a 3-part series about how to build a business like the British  lifestyle brand, Neptune Home. The aim of that series was to show you how it’s possible to scale a wildly successful business, even if you’re starting with just one product. (In Neptune Home’s case, this was hammocks). In this article, I explore Neptune Home’s AW 2018 marketing campaign.

My hope is this article will inspire you to create an autumn/ winter campaign that gives your customers more reason to buy from you, builds that all important brand loyalty and help you to take your business to the next level.

Here are 5 easy to action ideas, drawn from Neptune Home’s latest campaign.


The story that fuelled our autumn collection is rooted in Scotland. The isles and islands, mainland and maritime life, landscape and lifestyle. To open the season and to savour the cosying-up atmosphere that autumn brings, our minds went to that feeling of Sundays spent in Scotland…”

This year’s AW marketing campaign is an ode to Sundays in Scotland. This story transports us straight to Great Glen, a dramatic tectonic collision that raised the Scottish Highlands. Surrounded by some of the UK’s highest mountains and filled with four immense lochs, Great Glen is rich in Highland heritage, and a unique wilderness for those with adventure in their hearts. Whether that’s climbing Glen Nevis, the top of Britain, canoeing across Loch Ness, home to the elusive monster Nessie, or visiting Balmoral, the Queen’s summer holiday residence.

It’s easy to imagine eating a hearty breakfast of Scots porridge oats, toast and whiskey marmalade, before heading out for a long hearty walk with a thermos flask of coffee, packed lunch, stash of shortbread and tartan picnic blanket. Then returning home to a log fire, to curl up on the sofa with a tweed blanket, restorative glass of whiskey and a good book.

=> Create a story around your AW 2018 campaign.


Every season, Neptune includes two limited edition colours within its paint collection. This year, Neptune has opted for the colours Chestnut and Walnut, to evoke an organic, natural and earthy feel, perfect for combining with wools and heavy linens in the autumn months.

=> Could you create a simple limited-edition product for AW2018?

Neptune has added a further 13 new textiles to expand its fabric collection, including a Harris tweed, a rust plaid and a grouse coloured velvet.

=> Could you extend a popular, current product range?

Neptune has created a new product line with the introduction of rosemary and thyme scented soaps, hand creams and body washes. This is a logical step in their product development strategy as the company (a) manufactures already many items used in the bathroom and kitchen (b) will entice new customers who love the brand with an affordable product and (c) give existing customers a reason to buy.

=> Is it the right time in your business to create a new product line?


Showcase your autumn collection on a dedicated web page which your customers can find easily. Drive traffic to this web page, and track results through Google Analytics.

You’ll notice that Neptune has displayed their autumn collection in two formats on their website:

  • The main format is a ‘gallery view’ where you’re introduced to the new collection through a story (see above), images and narrative. The intention of this format is to entice the customer.

  • The ‘list view’ shows you all the new products Neptune has created by product line. The intention is to present the products in a simplified format, making it easy for the customer to shop online.

=> Could you create a launch page for your website? If you have a physical shop, could you create an autumnal display?


Check the company’s Instagram feed, and you’ll noticed how Neptune has segued from old rose to vibrant greens to a muted colour palette inspired by its AW18 Scottish theme.

=> Does your brand lend itself to a seasonal colour palette? If so, could you curate a collection of photographs which showcase your AW theme?


Neptune launches seasonal content on its journal with autumn picnic recipes for Apple, Blackberry & Cinnamon Pastry Puffs, flavours of the season, and Goats Cheese, Red Onion Marmalade & Walnut Sandwiches. The aim is to remind us of the bracing walks across the Scottish Highlands referenced in their story.

This is immediately followed by an information piece about how to decorate in rust tones, using one of the company’s two new autumn shades.

=> What content could you create on your blog, YouTube channel and across your key social media channels to promote your new AW 2018 products?

Question: Have you planned an AW 2018 marketing campaign? If so I'd love to hear more about it. I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to tell me in the comments box below.


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