The Power Of A Handwritten Note

The Power Of A Handwritten Note

At an early age, I was taught the value of a handwritten thank you note. After Easter, Christmas and my birthday, I diligently sat down to write out thank you notes on my Basildon Bond stationery to say thank you for the presents - or better still book vouchers – I’d received.

“A handwritten thank you note shows people you appreciate their thoughtfulness and generosity,” said my mum.

When it comes to our customers, the same logic applies. They spend their hard-earned money supporting our businesses and deserve a thoughtful acknowledgment of how much they mean to us.

As Seth Godin said: "It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back."

The fact is, if you want customers to really love your brand, you need to do more than send them an automated email saying ‘thank you.’

While I’ve been working on Whitebox’s medium to long-term business strategy, I’ve been looking for small low-cost wins. One such win has been the introduction of handwritten thank you notes.

Although most of our orders are sent to customers directly from the manufacturer, every day we send out a small number of orders directly. A simple and effective way to show how much we appreciate our customers is by writing a personal thank you note and including this with the order. This simple action conveys to our customers how much they mean to our company and how much we appreciate them buying from us.

What we don’t say in our thank you notes is "thank you for being a loyal customer, here's our latest brochure". This is our one opportunity to make it all about the customer, and not our company so we leave out all self-promotions.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read or heard feedback from Whitebox customers like “I love what your company does.” As a company, we’re personable, sociable and approachable. Sending a handwritten thank you note reinforces our brand personality and values.


That’s why I encourage you, whenever possible, to distinguish your business by sending your customers a hand-written note or card when you can. This will add an extra level of personalisation and ensure your customers feel special.

Question: How do you show your customers you appreciate them? I love hearing from you so please do take a moment to tell me in the comments box below.


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