The Weekend Edit: 18th May. 2019

The Weekend Edit: 18th May. 2019

Happy Saturday! I hope you’ve you had a good week? I’ve been really busy with client work but I found time to attend two events. The first of these was organised by the Guardian to coincide with  the release of a new study on globalisation and populism, with former Prime Minister Tony Blair in conversation with Paul Lewis, Editor of The Guardian's project on populism.

The second event was organised by Georgina Burrows, with three hugely inspiring women from the film and TV industry sharing their journey. BAFTA-winning wildlife cinematographer, Sophie Darlington, fascinated us with tales of filming for the David Attenborough documentary, Our Planet. Diana Ellis Hill told us about working on BBC Horizon & Wonders of the Universe, before setting up her own production company, Be The Fox. And Kate Waters shared her path to becoming one of the only female Equity registered fight choreographers for theatre and TV.

In other news, I’ve finished reading the recently published Believe, Build, Become by Anna Jones and Debbie Wosskow of the Allbright Collective. CNBC has put together a useful summary of 10 valuable tips to bolster self-esteem at work and in life, drawn from Believe, Build, Become.

Wosskow and Jones have also just opened the doors to their second London clubhouse in Maddox Street. Speaking to the Evening Standard on the eve of its launch, they said, “We want to build a billion-dollar business. Why the f*** not? Women generally don’t, so we feel like we should.” Go Debbie and Anna!

As always, I’ve a lot of news links to share, this week. So make yourself a big pot of coffee, warm through a Danish pastry and spend some time catching up on the following stories.

As was inevitable, the cross-party Brexit talks have collapsed. Of course, the blame game will continue but what’s more important is what happens next. The Guardian attempts to answer this question in this article. The Head of the CBI, Carolyn Fairbairn, has told business leaders that this Brexit mess is a “crushing disaster” for UK business. I couldn’t agree more.

The ITV News Political Editor, Robert Peston explains that the 1922 executive committee want the inevitable Tory leadership contest done and dusted by the time the Commons rises for the summer (at the end of July) to give a new leader the opportunity to shape a Brexit path with a few months to spare before the new deadline of 31 October. Peston also poses the question in a separate article of whether Farage could end up rescuing or owning the Tory Party he is doing his level best to destroy? I nearly spat my coffee out when I read Peston’s analysis that either Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab could become our next Prime Minister.

Confused about who’s who in the already incredibly crowded 2020 presidential nominee pool? In this article for Elle magazine, you’ll find an overview on every person who's thrown their hat into the race. It includes a helpful guide on where each of these candidates stand on nine of the issues that cared most about going into the mid-term elections.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 communications director, Jennifer Palmieri has written an interesting article for Vanity Fair about the tangible obstacles women running for office face, particularly voters discomfort with female ambition.

Joanna Goddard has written an excellent article on Alabama’s Abortion Ban: What’s Happening, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do for her blog, Cup of Jo. Alabama’s law is the most extreme to date, making no exception for rape and incest victims and criminalising doctors who perform abortions. She explains that politicians who are supporting the bill actually have a larger overall goal in mind: challenging Roe v. Wade.

Many people want to stop abortion by making it illegal. But the simple truth is, making abortion illegal doesn’t stop abortion. It just makes it less safe. This topic was brilliantly tackled in the BBC’s Call The Midwife in its season 8 storyline about the consequences of backstreet abortion. For readers outside the UK, this series is now available on Netflix.

Two new articles from me I’d love you to check out are:

Both of these articles were inspired by my recent visit to Winchester for Fashion Week 2019. The idea for writing How To Make The Most Of A Business Trip To Winchester came from reading Monica Welburn’s Winchester Travel Guide over on her beautiful blog, The Elgin Avenue. During my trip, I whiled away a happy few hours exploring the independent shops Monica recommends.

With the first anniversary of Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle approaching, you may be interested in three articles I wrote last year in celebration:

I hope you found value in the articles I’ve curated for this week’s edition of The Weekend Edit. Let me know if there are any articles you've read lately, or sites you check in to regularly, that you recommend I check out and pass on to my readers.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend.


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