The Weekend Edit: 30th March 2019

The Weekend Edit: 30th March 2019

Welcome to the latest article in my new series, The Weekend Edit.  This is where I share articles and sites - sometimes the occasional video or podcast - which I hope you’ll find worth your time to read. The news this week is particularly depressing which is why I think this Weekend Edit is best enjoyed with a large slice of cake and a cup of strong coffee.

This edition of The Weekend Edit is dominated once again by Brexit, and my lead-off article is the aptly named article, The Horror Show Continues, from Chris Grey’s Brexit blog. 

I share Chris’ view that “the longer and deeper the crisis – damaging as its effects are and horrible as it is to live through – the greater the chance that Brexit is averted.” Which is why, in the hope we can avert this national disaster, I laced up my protest boots once again, and joined the 1 million strong demonstration in London last weekend, winding up at Westminster to listen to the speeches. Sir Michael Heseltine wound up proceedings with this Churchillian call to arms.

The New Statesman’s The Humbling Of Britain makes for very uncomfortable reading while this Financial Times article explains how Britain is paying for its ignorance of how the EU actually works in The Brexit farce is about to turn to tragedy.

The Brexit Day That Wasn't Leaves Britain Counting the Cost explains why the delay came too late for many companies to change their plans. Edwin Morgan, interim director general of the Institute of Directors, sums up the frustration of British business with these words:

“We are running out of words to express how sick business leaders are of being stuck in this spirit-sapping limbo.”

While Stephen Phipson CEO of Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation said:

“Every day, companies are losing contracts with investment falling and companies voting with their feet and walking away from Britain as a place to do business. Our global reputation was already tarnished, we end the week with it in tatters.”

If, like my mum, you’re tempted to feel sorry for Theresa May, the always excellent Fintan O’Toole explains why you shouldn’t. While former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, explains why he believes a year-long extension and an opt-out from the European elections in order to have a national conversation and debate about our future is the way forward.

If like me, you’ve been following US news closely, you’ll know that Attorney General, William Barr, has now received Robert Mueller’s final report. A lot of people are disappointed that Trump hasn’t been marched out of the White House in leg irons, but this article in The New Statesman explains why the Mueller investigation was never going to end in a dramatic comeuppance for Trump. Amid all the reporting, it’s essential to remember two key facts. The first, we don’t yet know what’s in the Mueller report. The second, Mueller is all about upholding the rule of law.

In the aftermath of an appalling terrorist attack, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern modelled an example of what leadership can look like. With her empathy for the survivors of the Christchurch shooting, her swift implementation of practical measures and her refusal to be sucked into anti-Islamic rhetoric, this is a lesson other countries could and should follow.

I hope you found value in the articles I’ve curated for this week’s edition of The Weekend Edit. Let me know if there are any articles you've read lately, or sites you check in to regularly, that you recommend I check out and pass on to my readers.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend.


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