This Month (June) Denyse Has Been . . .

This Month (June) Denyse Has Been . . .

Summer is my favourite season. I love the promise of balmy evenings to come as the days lengthen in June. And the explosion of colour in Sussex cottage gardens with their tangle of roses, clematis and honeysuckle, spires of lupins and fox gloves and tumble of poppies and cornflowers.

June is all about enjoying summer’s simple pleasures - drinking iced tea while I’m working, leaving the office early for a picnic on the beach, wearing crisp, white linen trousers with a pretty top and lying in a hammock reading a novel.

From a business standpoint, June is the month when my focus is on ensuring my clients focus hard on their sales so these are as high as possible; especially because it’s not unusual for businesses to experience a sales dip in July and August.


Here’s what some of my clients have been doing to make sure June was a strong month for sales:

  1. One client recruited a Sales Manager in April and he spent the first couple of months getting to understand the products and working his network. This investment resulted in the company’s best sales month to date, with July off to a strong start.

A Year-On-Year (YOY) comparison - where the same quarter is compared from one year to the next - shows sales are up by 19% i.e. Q2 sales in 2018 were 19% higher than Q2 sales in 2017. For a business in turnaround with previously declining sales, these are really good results.

  1. A second client, a start-up dance academy, was able to increase her Quarter-On-Quarter (QOQ) sales - where the results of one quarter are compared with the results of the preceding quarter - by a staggering 50%.

These results have come about partly through expanding her range of services, partly by adding Instagram and a campaign targeting primary schools to the marketing mix and partly through sheer hard work and determination.

  1. A third client suffered a major set-back at the start of the year and lost half of her business when a key partner jumped ship. Undaunted, during the early months of the year, she hustled like crazy and was able to replace all of that lost business.

The loss of a key partner caused my client to rethink her business model, and we’re currently working through a re-branding process to support the changes she wants to make.

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The foundation for the strong summer sales my clients are enjoying were laid earlier in the year. But it’s not too late to make sure your business doesn’t experience a summer dip. These two articles will help you:


Reading … Robert Peston’s WTF and Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall.

Listening To…Tracks from The Year Of Wonder by Clemency Burton-Hill

Writing About ... Trump’s Family Separation Policy, How Unilever Is Winning With Purpose and How Business Can Restore Trust In Our Institutions.

Organising …A rally at the US Embassy in London To Protest the Family Separation Policy.

Attending … The FoundHer conference and St Jude’s Literary Festival.

Emotional … Watching The Wannado Street Dance Academy’s inaugural showcase. You can check out their photos here.


Looking Forward To … more sunny days on the beach, Paddle Round The Pier, watching Wimbledon and a few days off.

Question: How was your June? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share let me know in the comments box below.


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