The Weekend Edit: 19th January


Welcome to the third article in my new series – The Weekend Edit.  This is where I share articles and sites - perhaps the occasional video - which I think you will enjoy. The Weekend Edit is best enjoyed with a pastry and coffee, or perhaps a smoothie bowl. Whatever self-care ritual you find most enjoyable.

Here's a selection of articles I've been reading this past week:

  1. The shaving brand Gillette launched a new ad campaign in response to the Me Too movement. The video urges men to hold each other to a higher standard and to step up when they see fellow men acting inappropriately towards women. In this article, the feminist columnist Jessica Valenti gives her take on what this advert reveals about American men.

  2. Few poets have had the ability to so beautifully articulate their love of nature as well as Mary Oliver. The writer, 83, died on Thursday at her home in Florida. She was a Pulitzer Prize winner, and the New Yorker called her “America’s most beloved poet.

    What is it you plan to do / with your one wild and precious life?

    In her writings and in her life, Oliver focused on the one thing we all have in common: We are all, inherently, part of the Earth we call home. That understanding was part of what made her writing so accessible and profound.

  3. There’s a heart-breaking scene in one of my favourite films, Dances With Wolves, where the carcasses of a herd of slaughtered bison lay strewn on the plain. The US army had an official policy of wiping out bison in order to buckle the will of the tribes, who relied upon the animals for food, clothing, tools and spiritual sustenance. I was delighted to read this story in The Guardian about how Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction.

  4. I’m a great believer in flexible working so was pleased to learn that the Wellcome Trust is considering moving all of its 800 head office staff to a four-day week in a bid to boost productivity and improve work-life balance. A trial of the new working week at the £26bn London-based science research foundation could start as soon as this autumn, giving workers Fridays off to do whatever they want with no reduction in pay. 

  5. I’ll close with this article about how Brexit is Britain’s reckoning with itself.

I hope you enjoy this third edition of The Weekend Edit! Let me know if there are any articles you've read lately, or sites you check in to regularly, that you recommend I check out too and pass on to my readers!

Have a great weekend. And happy reading.


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