What If Britain Were To Lead Not Leave?

What If Britain Were To Lead Not Leave? by business consultant and former CEO, Denyse Whillier | Built To Succeed

What if: 

  • You didn't have to hear about Brexit any more?

  • We stopped wasting public funds on fantasy planning or no deal?

  • Politicians got back to looking after Britain and the issues people worry about?

  • We got certainty that would lead to more money in your pocket?

  • We could stay and have more say in the EU?

  • We could get more control over our borders?

  • EU citizens and UK Expats could go back to living not worrying?

  • We didn't have to worry about our security services being distracted from protecting our country?

You may think this sounds like a utopian wish list? Desirable but in no way achievable given the vicious tailspin Britain is currently in. But business woman and campaigner, Gina Miller, the co-founder of Lead Not Leave doesn’t think it’s such a fanciful idea that Britain lead not leave. Nor do her two campaign co-founders, former Conservative Party chairman, Lord Saatchi and the international human rights lawyer and Labour peer Baroness Helena Kennedy.

Miller, Saatchi and Kennedy believe there is a ‘third way’ out of our current impasse; to re-open, with a renewed sense of purpose and urgency, the negotiations that Cameron began with Tusk in 2015. That’s why they have just launched Lead Not Leave.

Way back when, in November 2015, David Cameron wrote to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, setting out a series of proposals that addressed many of the concerns which were subsequently to play a decisive factor in the EU referendum seven months later. (Economic governance, competitiveness, sovereignty and immigration were all detailed in that letter).

Tusk, mindful of a growing unease among member states about the future direction of the EU, engaged with Cameron’s proposals constructively. At the time, there was optimism among European and British negotiators that a deal could be achieved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

As so often happened during the Cameron premiership, this turned out to be window-dressing. The negotiations went nowhere, and Cameron called that fateful referendum which forced the issue of whether Britain should be in or out. Unexpectedly the architects of Brexit found themselves in the driving seat, without, it transpired, a plan to ensure the oft-promised smooth exit.

After much kicking the can down the road (due in no small part to divisions in the Tory Party which risk a split) we’ve finally reached a point where Theresa May has left the UK with two bleak choices. Either the UK gets a version of the Withdrawal Deal she negotiated, which everybody agrees is significantly worse than the deal we presently have. Or we end up crashing out of the EU with no-deal, which May herself has acknowledged will precipitate a crisis so grave that she has begun making plans for martial law.

Remain or Leave, nobody in the UK (in their right mind) knowingly voted for either option on June 23, 2016. To put it more bluntly, none of us voted to put jobs at risk, to be poorer, to threaten our national security, to weaken funding of the NHS or other public services, and none of us voted for martial law.

Thankfully Lead Not Leave proposes a common-sense solution that respects both the letter and the spirit for change expressed in the 2016 referendum result. And which crucially recognises the frustrations that resulted in Brexit, and addresses the genuine concerns of all sides.

Lead Not Leave outlines a solution that will allow the United Kingdom to move forward with honour and to lead - and not to follow - Europe. No more half in, half out. This starts with The EU Membership Bill that Lord Saatchi, the former chairman of the Conservative Party, has introduced in the House of Lords.

Find out more about Gina Miller’s campaign by visiting the Lead Not Leave website.


What do you think about Gina Miller’s campaign? Do you think it offers a practical way forward? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share let me know in the comments box below.


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