Why, In 2019, A Blog Really Does Still Matter

Why, In 2019, A Blog Really Does Still Matter by business consultant and former CEO, Denyse Whillier | Built To Succeed

Blogging in 2019 is a funny thing. What consumers want now and how they consume content has changed in a blink of an eye. Just 5 years ago, long form content and videos were eagerly devoured. Nowadays we scroll and swipe between content which, more often than not, is consumed on a phone. Perfect for short form content but not for long reads.

There’s no doubt that Instagram is the platform of choice right now, with influencers posting daily ‘micro-blogs.’ But I believe that what comes around goes around. Not so long ago, pundits were predicting the death of the book. Yes, sales in e-readers and e-books surged and are growing, and every publisher has an e-book strategy. But sales of print books are on the increase too, along with the number of book shops like Waterstones.

The same has happened with newspapers and magazines. Quality news and current affairs magazines are becoming more popular. Since Brexit and Trump's election, the unsettled and sometimes volatile nature of our society is driving readers to seek out factual news from trustworthy sources, and to better understand the effects on the economy for themselves. This explains why reputable titles that have an authoritative voice are benefiting from the ‘Trump bump.’

Serious times call for serious journalism, and an extraordinarily frantic news agenda over the past two years - Brexit, Trump, a snap general election, terrorist attacks and Grenfell Tower - has boosted the sales of upmarket titles.

This is because the intelligent take on events of publications like The Guardian and The Washington Post is a unique selling point. Whereas general-interest daily news is universally available on the internet, specialist journalism is a service people value and think they can't get elsewhere. That’s why I’m confident that, just like the revival of printed books, quality newspapers and magazines, blogging will see a resurgence too.

I absolutely love having a blog and my own magazine-style website where I can share my thoughts on how to start, grow and scale a purpose-led business with you. I do plan to use Instagram more but since I missed the ‘wave’ 4-5 years ago, I’ve never had much success there, which in part is why I’ve kept up a regular blog.

My blog is my true love. I’ve had times where I haven’t felt inspired and creating content has felt like a chore. This was also influenced by how I felt about my old website. Since I’ve moved to Squarespace, with this lovely magazine-style format, my love of blogging is reinvigorated, and I absolutely adore creating content for it.


Which blogs and sites do you check in to regularly and think might be of interest to purpose-led business owners? I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to tell me in the comments box below.


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