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When you’re starting, running and scaling a business, sometimes it can be hard to find a clear-cut direction. You may find yourself second-guessing your decisions and questioning where you should be spending your time and resources.

This is where business consulting comes in: helping you to make sound decisions about how to take your business forward. My job as a business consultant is to work with you on strategy, planning and problem solving, and help you to develop business skills and knowledge, including a sound understanding of the financials.

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Brighton & Hove based business consultant, Denyse Whillier


Running a business is full of challenges. Sometimes exciting and exhilarating, other times challenging and scary. That’s where advice and support from an experienced and trusted business consultant/ mentor comes in. Someone who’s travelled the road and successfully navigated the challenges of taking a business from kitchen table start up to scale up.

What Can A Business Consultant Do For Your Company?

I draw on my years as a CEO and business consultant to look at where your business is now, where you want it to be, and work out with you what’s going to be the most effective strategy going forward. Once we’ve set the strategy, I’ll help you to get to grips with any changes you’ll need to make, and develop the business skills and expertise to move your business forward.

I’ve seen my clients build brands from scratch, land game changing clients, cultivate a loyal community around their brand, create products and services that delight their customers, win business awards and position themselves as the market leader in their niche. All while paying themselves properly, building their teams and turning a healthy profit.

My Style as A Business Consultant

My initial focus is on your personal goals, values and passions as these are what underpin your business. By understanding where you are on your business journey, together we formulate a strategy that’s tailored to you and your business, which meets you where you are right now and takes you where you want to go.

More often than not, consulting and mentoring with me includes business coaching. I’ve seen clients overcome self-doubt, lack of self-esteem and imposter syndrome to blossom in self-assurance and fulfil their potential. They’ve identified their non-negotiables, and built a business on their own terms and in line with their values; confident about changing direction if the set of the sail isn’t quite right.

I’m very ambitious for my clients and get excited about helping you and your business to fulfil your potential. Because I’m not in the business every day, I’m able to take a “helicopter view” of your business and come up with practical, actionable ideas to move it forward. Clients comment on how much they love our meetings, and go away filled with optimism, motivation and ideas for what they’re going to do next.

How Does Business Consulting Work In Practice?

The majority of my clients prefer to work with me on an ongoing, monthly basis. That’s because, at the heart of the work is the relationship we build and the knowledge and understanding I accumulate about you, your values and the aspirations you have for your business.

We meet every month to work out the right strategy for your business. I’ll help you to get your sales and marketing right, keep track of the financials and maintain a positive cash flow, create a brand aligned with your vision and values, build the right team around you, learn how to delegate and become a leader…everything that you need in place to scale your business successfully.

I also support you between sessions by phone and email. If you have a crisis, you can call me to work out what to do next. When you need help taking on a new employee, I’m here to make sure you get it right. When you’re writing marketing copy, I’ll tweak it for you to convert more sales.

You get winning business strategy and tactics learnt over many years of doing this, plus a trusted advisor you can rely on to be in your corner, looking out for you.

If you’re in Brighton & Hove, we’ll meet face to face. If you’re anywhere else in the world, we can talk on Zoom.

What Does My Business Consulting Cost?

From £395 per month

How much you pay is based on where your business is now. If you’re a start up, you’ll pay £395 per month. If you have a bigger business, you’ll pay more based on your stage of business.

Will I Make Money Working With You?

If you have a business with the potential to bring in good profits, and you take action and apply the things we work on, you’ll definitely make money faster with my support than you would do trying to do it on your own.

I only take on business consulting clients I think have the potential to make at least £100k a year and a business capable of scaling up. This means you can expect to make a good solid return on investment from the fees you pay me.

These are just a few of the results I’ve seen:

£60,000 profit          

A company that was making a £86k loss turned it into a £60K net profit within a year, once we’d addressed their sales and business systems. I’m now working with the owner to prepare the business to scale up.

£638,000 turnover

A struggling catering company which my client had bought two years previously increased its revenue by 21% in our first year of working together. The turnaround happened after I got my client to use his sales skills where they would have greatest impact.

42 new staff

A company which had downsized to 14 staff and was just about breaking even when I took over. Within 3 years, revenues had trebled and the company employed 56 people.

What My Clients Say

Here’s Megan Harrison, who designs and develops online training platforms that positions her clients as industry leaders, talking about how business consulting worked for her.

Working with Denyse has given me so much clarity and confidence in growing my business. One of the areas she helped me with the most was creating a financial forecast that let me see exactly what monthly revenues I need to hit in order to hire additional employees. Having this type of clarity has been a huge catalyst for growth and takes away any overwhelm caused by uncertainty.

You can listen to Megan’s testimonial on this video.

Here’s How To Get Started

First, download my a copy of my brochure.

Second, think about your business challenges and what would be the outcomes you’d want from working together.

Third, email me to set up a 45-minute consultation meeting so that we can discuss your needs and how I can help you.


If you feel it’s too early for you and you’re looking around, that’s fine. You might be interested in receiving my Weekly Letters. They’re a way to keep in touch and share insights, words of encouragement and business inspiration; things that I find helpful and think that you will too.